Following more than 18 months of development, we are ready for full-scale beta testing of the Quanteda Guru app. Designed as your personal guide to the power of the scientifically proven, open-source quanteda R package, Quanteda Guru provides access to its speed, power, and analytic capabilities. Quanteda Guru’s features include:

  • an intuitive, graphical user interface requiring no programming or progamming ability
  • full deployment in the cloud, meaning that all analysis is performed on the cloud, all data is stored securely in the user’s own account, and only a web browser is needed to use the application – no installation of any software is required
  • fully contextual help pages linked to each GUI element, including ticketed help and a FAQ
  • full internationalisation, so that it not only works on texts in any language, but also has its interface translated into multiple languages
  • direct access to over 60,000 system corpora from literary, political, and economic texts, plus dozens of word lists and sentiment and content dictionaries.

Read more about Quanteda Guru’s functionality here.

are flexible and can be taken monthly, plus any user can try out the full functionality of the app using a free, one-month trial. Try it today!







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