Quanteda Guru

A powerful, user-friendly tool for the quantitative analysis of textual data

An all-in-one solution for your textual adventure

Based on the scientifically proven quanteda R package, Quanteda Guru offers easy, no-programming access to powerful analytic for your textual data. The efficient and intuitive web-based graphic user interface requires only a web browser to use. With no programming required, Quanteda Guru does the hard work, letting you focus on analytics instead of code.

Convenient cloud analytics

Build your own exclusive workspace with up to 10GB storage*.

Quanteda Studio runs your session in the cloud using a dedicated, secure workspace, meaning that all you need to access its power is your web browser. Your workspace size can be up to 10GB storage*, and is automatically restored from your previous session whenever you log in.

*Pro account only.

A vast collection of textual corpora

Access and manage a vast collection of textual corpora, or upload and manage your own.

Access to a large corpus library
Quanteda Guru provides access to a system corpora of over 60,000 books, speeches, and other documents, which can be easily searched and loaded directly into the workflow.

Upload your own corpora
Users can import their own corpora in a variety of formats, and manage corpus meta-data easily through the application.

Open science text analytics

Access the powerful text analytics from the scientifically proven quanteda R library.

Quanteda Guru is built on a backend powered by the open-source, scientifically proven quanteda R library. This is an ongoing project begun in 2014 by university researchers applying natural language processing and text mining methods to the analysis of texts for social science. quanteda is used by hundreds of thousands of data scientists across the world, and its open-source core makes it transparent and verifiable. There are no black boxes in Quanteda Guru, and no secret sauce – just proven, open science implementations of text analysis methodologies.

Powerful machine learning for texts

Use powerful machine learning models for scaling and classifying documents.

Quanteda Guru makes it easy to apply machine learning methods to texts using methods built for high performance with the specific issues of textual data in mind. Select and manage features, perform predictive modelling, measure documents on continuous scales such as sentiment, and implement clustering algorithms, all without programming.

Beautiful, informative visualisations

Produce beautiful, informative, and fully customisable plots from your textual analyses.

Pictures speak a thousand words, but with Quanteda Guru you can easily produce visualisations based on analyses of thousands or millions of words. Produce word clouds, lexical diversity plots, scaling plots, keyness plots, and more – all without programming. All plots can be easily saved or downloaded for use in your own reports.







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